You are looking for an english speaking dog trainer in Osnabrück? Welcome to PENDO!

My name is Meike Pendo Schäfer, and I am a geographer as well as a certified dog trainer.


Being born and raised in Tanzania, and having lived abroad in many countries since then, has given me the opportunity and gift of experiencing many different realities and people. My second name, Pendo, means love in Swahili, and it describes pretty well how I feel about my work.


The training of dogs and their owners is a true passion, which I have started to follow professionally since 2012. It has been a rewarding journey from interning in dog care and schools, to attending first training seminars, working with own clients from 2015 onwards, completing a comprehensive trainers’ curriculum at the renown Ziemer& Falke dog school, and finally obtaining regulatory approval to work as a certified dog trainer in 2018. Annual training courses to keep up with scientific findings and improve training skills are a matter of course.


My training approach is based on the latest scientific findings from the fields of cynology and learning theory. A major emphasis lies on a clear, consequent communication between dog and owner – both verbally, and by using body language. It is my aim to choose the best fitting from a range of training methods for each human-dog-teams' individual goal. Most importantly, I want the training to be fun for you and your dog – this makes learning both faster and more sustainable!


The following services can be provided in English language:


Individual training

Our everyday life presents a number of challenges for our companion dogs. Relaxed encounters with other dogs and people, walking on a leash, staying home alone or coming reliably when called, are all behaviors that need to be learned. On the other hand, appropriate physical and cognitive engagement is essential for a healthy and happy dog life. One-on-one coaching provides the most efficient training form. After a joint walk and an assessment of your needs, I will design a custom-tailored training plan and we will meet as often as and wherever necessary to work towards achieving your aims.


Initial meet-up & walk = free / Individual assessment (ca.40min) = 30,00EUR / Training session (60min) = 68,00EUR / Training session - 5 tickets = 310,00EUR


Preparation for the certificate of competence AKA "dog handler licence"

Since 2013, dog owners in Lower Saxony are required by law to pass a theoretical and practical test to prove their competence in adequately understanding and safely handling their canines. This exam is colloquially known as the "dog handler licence". Upon passing the written part, a range of situations with you and your dog will be assessed in real life settings during the pratical control. It makes sense to practice these beforehand! In preparation for the test, we will  therefore meet during a walk and I will assess your status in regard to passing the certificate of competence requirements. After this, we will train specifically for those situations still posing problems, so that you can confidently face the exam.


Initial meet-up & walk = free / Individual assessment (ca.90min) = 85,00EUR / Training session (60min) = 68,00EUR / Training session - 5 tickets = 310,00EUR

Group sessions = on request (after assessment, certain trainings can be handled in small groups; prices vary according to attendance)


Stay safe around dogs

Mans best friends is and remains a predatory animal with typical behavior, which can sometimes lead to dangerous incidences. Up to half of all Germans state feeling unsafe or even afraid around dogs. One of the main reasons for this timidity is that canine signals and conduct are not well understood and gauged by the majority of people. Especially children growing up in non-dog settings lack the experience of developing safe social interactions with canines. If you or your family would like to gain a better understanding of the "dog language", and feel safer around them, we would initially meet without any dog in sight. The first step is to learn about body language and interaction from pictures and videos. Once you feel confident, we will invite friendly dogs in a closed setting. You will learn how to best approach a strange dog, how to see if it is friendly, if and how to best touch a dog, and much more. Further steps could be watching dogs in the park from afar, meeting friendly dogs outside, and mastering supervised encounters with random dogs. You determine the speed and extent of this training!


Assessment (possibly by phone) = 30,00EUR / Dog-language package for up to 3 persons, 5 x 60 min = 275,00EUR

Important note: This is not a therapeutic service!


If you are interested in getting to know me, just give me a call or send me an email. We will find a non-binding date for a first meeting, usually during a walk with your dog, after which you can decide whether and which training you are interested in. Instructing language can be either German or English.  I can offer training classes on a flexible schedule to meet your personal requirements.



10% discount for dogs with shelter/rescue background - 5% discount for students and trainees. Contact me for more information!



I am looking forward to meeting you and your dog!







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